The Friends of Denis Healey

On page 356 of his autobiography The Time Of My Life Mr Healey writes: “I decided that Paul Jacobs was right in saying that there are only a hundred real people on the world, and you come across them wherever you go!” Since there are 117 friends (mainly ‘good’, ‘close’, ‘personal’, ‘special’, or ‘lifelong’) identified in this work – and many others merely hinted at – one can only assume that some of Mr Healey’s friends were not real at all.

13        Allan Bullock

25        Gordon Griffiths

26        ‘Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India also sent men who became my close friends through life’

27        Alex Kafka

36        Gilbert Murray

51        George Farnell-Bourne

58        Jack Donaldson

59        Denis Greenhill, Val Duncan, Marcus Sieff

64        Tony Crosland

69        Andrew Shonfield

71        Billy Chappell, Basil Burton, Angus Wilson

73        Len Murray, Frank Cousins, George Woodcock

76        Walter Wodak, Frank Malfatti, Raimondo Mazzini

77        Eero Wuori

79        Leo Pliatzky

90        Teddy Kollek

92        ‘close friendship with some of the Burmese socialists’; Jayaprayash Narayan

107      Gladwyn Jebb, Evelyn Shuckburgh

111      Howard K Smith, David and Anne Linebaugh

113      Sam and Margie Berger

118      Willy Brandt

119      ‘many American friends’

120      Guy Nunn

122      ‘many of my diplomatic friends’; Arthur Schlesinger, Ken Galbraith, Sam Bauer

134      Douglas Gabb

142      ‘among my friends’ Stanley Burton, Fanny Waterman; ‘among all my friends’ Joe and Mary Moynihan; ‘many friends among the protestant clergy’ Ernest Southcott

163      Frank Paterson, Chris Mayhew, Woodrow Wyatt

164      ‘some of my best friends at Königswinter were journalists’; Marion Dönhoff, Peter Pechel, General von Senger and Etterlin

171      Nigel Nicolson, Edward Boyle

199      Paul Nitze, George Ball; ‘my friends in American politics’

200      ‘friends [in NY] were mainly Jewish journalists’; Sol Levitas, Daniel Bell

201      Paul Jacobs

204      Stewart Udall, John Lindsay, Adlai Stevenson

221      ‘I met in Uganda many of the friends I had made in West Africa earlier in the year’

223      ‘I myself had friends among the white settlers in Central Africa’; Winston Field, Roy Welensky, Michael Blundell

224      ‘friends among the African leaders’; Oliver Tambo

227      ‘friends in the Commonwealth embassies’

231      Peter Ratcliffe, Dennis Bloodworth, Tom Harrison

238      ‘My friends and I were meeting almost weekly to produce … On Limiting Atomic War’

240      George Kennan, Pat Blackett

247      ‘two of my best friends’  Jack Slessor, Ralph Cochrane  Helmut Schmidt

253      George and Grace Thomson

254      Frank and Kitty Giles, Denys Lasdun, Pat Gibson

268      Pat Nairne

291      ‘the top civil servants in Canberra … remained my friends for many years’ Harry Bland, Jim Plimsoll

316      Henry Kissinger

319      Manlio Brosio, Fausto Bacchetti, Arthur Hockaday

327      ‘count on a few friends outside the external departments’ Charlie Pannell

344      Ernie Southcott

352      Vic Feather

355      Robert Birley

359      Douglas Gibbs

365      Owen Lattimore

386      Pat Gibson, Jack Donaldson, George and Mary Christie, Emilio Colombo

390      Sidney Dell, Edmund Dell

403      Miles Fitzalan Howard

405      Felix Baumgartner

414      Karl-Günther von Hase, Phil Kaiser

421      Manfred Lahnstein, Johannes Witteveen, Bob McNamara

424      Muhammed Abu al-Khail, Abdul-Aziz al Quraishi, Hisham Nazir

451      Fukuda

452      Bob Hormats

476      Jack Gallivan

546      de la Rosière, Paul Volcker; ‘new friends, particularly among the private bankers’ Minos Zombanakis, ‘renewed many friendships from Saudi Arabia and Tokyo’

547      Wally Brooks, Adam Yarmolinsky

552      Mike Blumenthal, Dave Packard

557      Dr Sam Yen

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