Here can be found various other items that may be of interest, such as crosswords, verses, as well as unusual items from my Library.



From My Library

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  1. Have got various research interests which overlap. You might be interested/benefit from reading the recently published updated paperback “Queen of Spies” about Daphne Park by Paddy Hayes (rip) In particular chapter 6 which deals with her period in Vienna in early 47. I provided some fresh information which if nothing else pulls together a rich cast of characters in an interesting location. As well as Daphne, an MI6 man Pollard who would interest you, and a soon to be British nuclear scientist/technician. And that’s not including the Germans! Alas my contribution is barely credited, however Paddy the author was a grand chap but died of brain cancer soon after he semi completed the updated paperback. I know had he lived a new introduction would have given my contribution greater emphasis. But therein lies maybe the beginning of many other tales…

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