The New Platform

I have finally moved coldspur on to its new platform – Word Press. Overall, this is a positive move. The software is maintained, and it appears to be a popular product. The template has a much cleaner look, and I shall be able to add images much more smoothly. I believe the site will be much easier to browse and navigate across multiple devices. Yet Word Press┬áhas its deficiencies. The Editor is rather feeble: I have moved over nearly all my documents from the old site, but it is practically impossible to publish them cleanly without dropping into HTML (which I do not want to do). WYSIWYG is apparently a forgotten concept. Thus readers may find several older documents inelegantly formatted: I shall attempt to clean these up over the next few weeks, but shall not promise anything. Adding new documents should be a lot less troublesome. In addition, I have not worked out how to transplant spreadsheets appropriately, so the sections on the Top 400 Tracks which sort the tracks by artiste and by year have been temporarily suspended. Likewise I am delaying until later the inclusion of the highly popular ‘Items From My Library’. I thank the staff at InterCoastal Net Designs for their help. Please contact me at if you have any comments, or discover problems with the site.

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