June-September 2010

The usual updates. No progress on the web-site! (September 30, 2010)

I did get the FrontPage book out, but made no progress. Too many other interesting things going on! Just the normal updates. (August 31, 2010)

Updates to Commonplace entries made. It is my intention, in August, to get out my copy of Microsoft FrontPage, Step by Step, and learn how to redesign this website. And I know a lot of people will tell me I shouldn’t be using that product. (July 31, 2010)

I spent most of June on an enjoyable trip to the UK, where I was pleased to link up again with many friends and family members. I spent an afternoon and morning in Oxford, primarily to meet members of the Bodleian Library, but also to see the Wilfred Thesiger exhibition at the Pitt-Rivers museum (a bit thin and disappointing) and the John Aubrey and The Advancement of Learning exhibition at the Bodleian (brilliant). I also spent a day in London, first at the Magnificent Maps exhibition at the British Library (truly magnificent and unmissable), and last at the Rude Britannia exhibition at the Tate, which consisted of a rather bizarre and not broadly representative collection. A natural segue between these two shows was a visit to the Cartoon Museum in Little Russell Street near the British Museum, where an excellent exhibition of Ronald Searle’s work is running. The permanent collection there contained another example of the intriguing ‘map as an octopus’ theme highlighted at Magnificent Maps, as well as showing Gillray’s Doublures of Characters that was on show at the Tate as well. I also enjoyed a visit to Sissinghurst, eyeing the volumes in Harold Nicholson’s Library with rather more rapt attention than the assuredly beautiful flowers in the famous garden just beyond.

I have duly updated Commonplace entries, and one or two other documents. (June 30, 2010)

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