The Diary of a Counter-espionage Officer

With Tony B. and Rothschild now aboard

And quickly taking on their separate roles,

I think the group can easily afford

That Roger take some well-deservéd hols.


The lefties in the Ministry insist

On boosting Comrade Stalin to the proles.

I think we should have slapped them on the wrist

But Roger is preparing for his hols.


We’ve learned of frightful murder in Katyn:

We’re getting lots of pressure from the Poles.

But Uncle Joe has ultra-touchy skin,

And Roger is about to take his hols.


I spoke to Kim in ‘6’ again today:

He told me our security has holes.

We really should react without delay

But Roger’s just departed on his hols.


A chap in Ankara has strayed

And says he can identify some moles.

But can we really trust a renegade?

And Roger’s getting rested on his hols.


This cypher-clerk in Canada proclaims

Our scientists have Communist controls.

It would be nice to verify some names.

But Roger mustn’t interrupt his hols.


And now the war with Hitler has been won

The Russkies may have fresh and scary goals.

The trial of strength has surely just begun

Since Roger is returning from his hols.